Sunday, January 10, 2016


i went downstairs to check on things and one of the things i was checking was the seed potatoes i have stored down there...since the basement is a fairly constant temperature and humidity and there is little in the way of direct sunlight it's a good place to store spuds...for planting or eating...i go through them regularly to check for any that might have gone bad or, as in this case, were chitting tot he point the should be planted...these these two tubers are huaycu...a variety of "primitive" cultivar i got from the usda last year and grew successfully with plants that produced both tubers and fruits ( those seeds are in the freezer right now and there will be an attempt to grow plants form seed outdoors next season ) in abundance...the tubers are very tasty actually...the "primitive" designation is because they are a variety that has not been "improved" by breeders...they are as they evolved which means that while they can produce many tubers per plant they are not especially large tubers...that is immaterial...they are still good to eat...the shoots had begun to green on the tips indicating leaves are in the offing so i planted them under the in a large container with the elmer's blue and the other in it's own container alongside the experimental indoor garlic...the indoor season is expanding and soon enough it will be time o harvest the remaining yacon and try to propagate new plants from cuttings...the season never really ends...always something to do...more as it comes up.

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