Sunday, January 24, 2016

resilient clover

my grossly expensive thermometer says it was thirty0eight degrees ( fahrenheit ) in my back yard about fifteen minutes i went looking at the clover...naturally...there is still ice on the ground left over form the melt and refreeze of the dusting of snow we got early last week...and there is still a lot of clover that's beaten down ( third and fourth photos ) from the snow and the sub-freezing temperatures we have had recently...however next thursday through a week from tomorrow are forecast to have temperatures from the mid forties to just at freezing for those five consecutive best bet is that the clover in the fifth ans sixth photos that has begun to return to an upright position will be joined by many more plants as well as the winter can recover quickly and if the soil thaws enough for the rhizobia bacteria to reanimate there will be nitrogen production...which is goo...spring is in fifty-six days and this patch will be mowed and turned under to feed the spuds beginning in april...they need to get to work.

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