Sunday, January 31, 2016

last day of january

some of the garlic in the basement was looking a bit unhappy...not exactly pot bound...the root systems still had some room in the peat pots...but not flourishing i took the unhappy campers out of the peat pots and transplanted them to a larger container and watered them adequately to help them settle in with, hopefully, not too much shock...the huaycu in the fifth photo is coming along and the ollala in the sixth still looks robust...the basement season is moving along...the back yard is uncertain of season...yesterday my thermometer said we hit sixty degrees ( fahrenheit ) and at 8:32 this morning it was forty-seven degrees with a hint of rain...there is clover turning back up ( eighth photo ) as well as winter vetch coming back to the light ( ninth )...the winter rye never hunkered down and even the unmulched garlic in containers is shoeing signs of chlorophyll ( bottom photo )...the highs and lows are supposed to oscillate above and below freezing so there could be a return to hiding...or spring could just arrive has happened before...seems like there have been some direct transitions from winter to summer as well...things are uncertain.

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