Sunday, January 3, 2016

new growth

a trip down to the basement to do some clean-up and rearranging to accommodate the furniture brought in from the deck led to the discovery of new growth and rather more pressing rearrangement that that provided by mere furniture...the three elmer's blue i planted on the sixth of december ( top photo ) are up and running...i counted four shoots which means that at least one of the seed tubers has put up two...your guess about which one is as good as mine...and that's immaterial to the purpose of producing seed potatoes for next season anyway...the fourth photo is of a different variety of blue early blue to be exact...another one planted twenty-two days ago and replete with a nascent another corner down there the first garlic plant i brought in form the yard has deployed a second leaf so it is finding the climate down there at least somewhat fact all the garlic i brought in looks fairly robust and very green...i would be expecting second leaves on those soon enough...movement is good...stasis is death...standing still gets nothing accomplished...the plants are hard at it...more as it comes up.

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