Friday, January 22, 2016

leaves and a rhizome

the robust ollala in the top photo that was occupied in putting out rhizomes just at the soil surface twelve days ago ( second photo ) is at it again ( third )...i back-filled the container to cover this one too and this could be an improbably productive plant be fore it is all done is evincing a peculiar ( in my experience ) growth at the top...not sure what to make of it yet but i don't doubt that the passage of time will unfold what it is..the early blue in the fifth photo is coming along well and the elmer's blue in the sixth seem at home in the even temperature and humidity of the plant room...finally, one of the huaycu plants i put in twelve days ago has begun to leaf...good news for me...good news for the spring garden..good news for potato salad next summer...there's sure to be more this weekend...hang's high time for a visit to the garden.

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