Saturday, January 2, 2016

january thaw?

it was just at freezing at ten o'clock this morning and daytime temperatures are forecast to be above freezing for the next few days...then crash and then, probably, recover again..most of the perennial plants out there rely on day length not temperature for the cue to start going into leaf so the buds on the twig by the thermometer and all around it may expand some with unseasonable temperatures but they aren't going to burst into leaf...the oscillation in temperatures seems to be confusing the garlic however...more poking through the ice i must have missed with the mulch i added...the yellow peas seem confused as well...they are cold hardy but they are annuals and this one ( fourth photo ) should be long gone but it seemingly has not been cold enough...from the width of the leaves on the winter rye i'd say that are enjoying all this, ice or not..i plan to mow this patch and turn it under before it goes to seed to fertilize what will be a potato patch...i'm just wondering how early that going to seed i have to beat may be...we'll see...most of the teosinte ears i left outside have shattered...there are a few seeds hanging on...bit most have will be interesting to see if i get any second generation plants in that particular part of the yard...january second about seventy-five days or so garlic should be up ( unless, of course, the winter ends suddenly in february )and a few weeks after that the indoor and outdoor season will neat with spud rest for the wicked.

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