Saturday, January 9, 2016

more was supposed to be snowing now...

when i got home from work yesterday evening the temperature was forty-three degrees ( fahrenheit )..this morning at about nine a.m. it was forty-one...and about ten minutes ago it was thirty-nine and maybe a half...the people at weather underground swore by all that is holy in their twisted universe that the probability of snow by three p,m. was one hundred percent...well...meteorologists and all...that snow has turned into a half an inch of rain ( so far ) and the clover and winter vetch and winter rye and the shade mosses under the trees and the ferns out at the back of the yard are all green and upright and soaking in the moisture ...and the river that occasionally appears in the south side of my house has is the ninth of january and today was the first truly appreciable snow forecast this winter and it is stalling...almost seems to be refusing...the past two winters have been cold and snowy the ones from the 70s...and yes i have read of the gigantic "el nino" in the pacific and its impact on the weather so this isn't a complete mystery...but it is still anomalous for winter on the south end of lake michigan..and what, i wonder, impelled that gigantic el nino? welcome to eearth...welcome to the anthropocene...stay feeling is it's going to be a weird season this year.

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