Wednesday, January 20, 2016

almost moving day

the one in the second photo may be difficult to see but all four garlic plants i brought in from outside just before christmas have now deployed a second leaf and have begun to look truly like garlic...the time is approaching when they will need to be transplanted to larger quarters...all four will fit in a largish container...light space will be the issue until the yacon plants finish the rhizomes they are working on...then they can be harvested ( with some plants propagated from cuttings )and some needed space far indoor garlic is a go...the ollala in the fourth photo is showing robust new growth still as are the elmer's blur in the fifth...the huaycu in the sixth still hasn't produced any leaves, however the stem is growing by leaps and bounds so they should be along the meantime the shcizo winter has returned to bury ( sort of ) th3e green manures under some far there has been rather a dearth of winter precipitation here...the palmer drought severity index has us ahead in december...which fell mostly as rain, but flat in january...the new map should be released tomorrow so we'll wonders about water tables come sporing if we're dry now...there is more snow in the forecast but it has been a spotty winter for snowfall.

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