Saturday, January 16, 2016

continued growth

...but not in the economic sense...the elmer's blue potatoes are doing well and, if you look closely at the second photo, they are sending out runners from the base of the stem...the huaycu in the third photo hasn't leafed yet but it is sending out runners so close to the surface of the soil you could call them stolons...i hilled all the plants in the container and it looks at though there may be significant tuber production before it's all over down there...the yacon is thriving...i have already harvested and planted three rhizomes from these plants which is pleasing but the sixth and seventh photos show that two of the plants are busily producing more...good news for yacon propagation in spring...the ollala in the eighth photo is looking robust and has a lot of promising new growth appearing...the early blue in the next photo is coming along and producing more leaves and the garlic plant in the eleventh photo has almost fully deployed its second leaf...the garlic in general seems happy to be inside and should be done sometime in late april or early may if it all goes right...basement green and far so good...mor eon the outside world in a bit.

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