Wednesday, January 6, 2016

..and spuds

a month into its basement season the ollala potato in the top photo is looking robust under the lights and since i last photographed it three days ago ( second photo ) the elmer's blue in the third and fourth photos has further deployed leaves...growth is this instance anyway...leaf deployment is what the yacon ( fifth photo ) up to as well...all the plants have buds or young leaves topping the stems as the bottom leaves die back and fall off...i am curious to see how long this season goes on...i planted these annuals last april...into the ninth month...something of an artificially extended season..humans have been tinkering with plants for thousands of years...i am no exception...finally since three days ago the early blue ( last two photos )has turned toward the light and has begun to spread its nascent leaves...there is garlic going down there and the yacon rhizomes i planted a ways back...and more spuds's not winter in the basement.

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