Friday, January 29, 2016

an iuncg update

i met parker! out at the garden this morning to have a look around and talk over plans for the near future ( specifically the unmulchuing of the garlic and asparagus as well as cleaning out some of the beds ) somewhere in the first few weeks of in the garden will have to wait since the update is: still dormant...not much to speak going on out there at the moment...the clover in the top two photos is in an exposed position in that a particular box and won't be recovering until said mid-march at the earliest...the same is true of the alfalfa in the next two...they may look like goners but they are both cold hardy perennials ( both legumes as well...nitrogen setting is a family trait ) and will spring back to life with warmer weather and longer a distance the arborvitae looks all goo but there is some die-back around the base that will need to be pruned next trip out...there has been a snow drought here this el nino winter and as soon as the ground thaws i will be beginning an aggressive watering schedule to insure this goes no further...cold it has been but i still find a hint of chlorophyll in the leaves of the brussels sprout plant in the seventh photo ...and though the cauliflower plant in the eighth has fallen over there is still chlorophyll there too...not that i expect any sort of recovery...but it does indicate that the winter here, despite some cold, has been, overall, mild...dry too...more on unmulching day if not before.

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