Saturday, January 30, 2016

a rhizome and a sprout

i am inclined to think that the rhizome coming off the stem of the early blue in the top two photos is a new one...i believe it is one of those that i hilled-over six days ago that has broken the surface no new rhizome there...but there is new growth which tells me the environment suits the plant even though it is artificial...i covered it over with compost and i am looking forward to early blue seed tubers sometime in april...i harvested three rhizomes from the yacon plants in the basement and replanted them on christmas day...thirty-seven days later i find one or them has, if all goes well, we( meaning the plant and i...with the plant getting the lion's share of the credit...i supplied the needs...they did all the work )have succeeded in propagating a second generation of yacon from live plants i got from oregon last spring...not a native plant, but a plant that is native born...i will be watching this one closely and, if you continue checking in, so will you.

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