Sunday, March 6, 2016

allium (tricoccum &sativum )

warmer out today and it is forecast to be warmer this week with nighttime temperatures staying above i went tramping around the back yard to see what was what...the only ramps that are up ( second and third ) are the ones that had been pushed out by frost heave and that i replanted...there should be more by week's end...lots of clover turned back skyward (fourth ) this time next week the vetch and winter rye will be cooking along as well...back to work setting nitrogen...the wire mesh that i put down on top of the straw mulching the garlic ( fifth ) kept it in place all winter and when i puled back some of the mulch i found...garlic...getting green ( sixth and seventh )..this wasn't much of a surprise really..the unmulched garlic i left out to gauge what was going on is shoeing new growth ( eighth )..i found what i expected...the last tow photos are of an aerial garlic bulb i found while i was rooting around some disintegrated peat has sprouted and clearly has a root system i planted it in another will be done more towards autumn which suits me, if nothing else...there will doubtlessly be more as these early risers get the outdoor season going this coming week...we are just getting under way...many months before the garden closes and we move back indoors...i, for one, am ready.

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