Monday, March 21, 2016


from early blues to german butter balls the spuds in the peat pots under the lights waiting to go outside are churning out rhizomes like is time for these to go out but the weather will not cooperate yet...hopefully ti will warm sufficiently this coming week that i can get them out over the weekend...even if i have to use some frost cloth to keep them from being frost bit it would be better for them to be in the ground...don't want to waste these rhizomes by turning them into more stems and leaves...want i hilled what rhizomes i could reasonably expect to keep out of the light ( clearly the ones in the second and third photos are too far out of the pots to cover...stems they will be ) and will see what i can do about some early...but these are not going to wait much is becoming a necessity that can't be put off much longer.

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