Thursday, March 10, 2016


cultivatable seed had a sale on mashua so ...being me...i bought a couple more tubers...the bogata market variety arrived today and looks pretty good...i went into the vegetable crisper after it arrived to check on the mashua and yacon that has been in there since last autumn...mixed results...the early white ( second photo ) looks in fairly sorry shape...i do believe it will planted in a container this weekend to see if it is salvageable...the peru white in the third photo seems to held up pretty well and the tubers i harvested from my yard and saved ( next three photos ) are just much so that i didn't even open the bags after handling the other tubers ( and yes i did wash my hands between handling the early white and the peru unnecessary chances ) the yacon pieces in the seventh photo look a bit desiccated but they are just a spud...they should be fine..and if not one of the root crowns i planted not long ago ( eighth photo ) is showing good growth ( the other has not budged yet ) and the yacon rhizomes i planted on last christmas are doing fine ( ninth and tenth photos )...and beyond that the cutting in the last photo has lost the leaves i left on with it but the center node is sprouting green leaves so i am thinking it is taking root...the jury is still out on the other cutting...we'll there will be many andean tubers around the garden this season..betting on some nasturtiums too.

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