Thursday, March 31, 2016

more germination

clouds have delivered 1.6" of rain in the last 24 hours...i am not is a good sign given how dry the winter was...the plants continue to sprout...there are now 32 ramps up in the beds...this is a good thing as well...the intent is to leave them to bunch, separate them, and establish a native population to use in cooking next season..a self-sustaining wild leeks in the yard...that is the's big news i that the black eagle wheat my friend Jean and i are growing to make bread from true "scratch" has begun to germinate in its assigned bed...hard as it may be to see in the photos there is green there...there is frost forecast for the weekend...wheat is a cool weather crop but there will be frost cloth out there...we are just getting started and need no setbacks...this is a high profile project with long term least i am hoping it is...last photo is of the twenty teosinte seeds i soaked six day ago...thirteen have germinated...i am simply fine with that...i have gone form being concerned about getting seed to germinate to being concerned about finding enough room...i foresee container grown teosinte...more as things develop...

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