Friday, March 25, 2016

wheat bed preparation

the bed we chose to plant wheat in looked pretty much like an organic trash heap because that was pretty much what it was...up to and including a couple of pumpkins someone dumped there last autumn...they were in the way and we certainly didn't want any pumpkin vines coming up in the wheat so we dug a hole to bury them deeply enough to prevent any seeds from germinating...the topsoil out there is mostly leaf humus built up by the trees out back over the goes down about a foot before the substrata changes to sand so there is a fair base for the plants...weeding a bed of wheat is just about impossible so we wanted to do a really disruptive dig to turn any seeds out there under and...since jerusalem artichokes have grown in the vicinity, to dig up any tubers we might find...the sixth photo shows we did find also shows it has snowed the entire time we worked on's fine...wheat is a cool weather crop...we found multiple worms in the bed...we are content with that...they can feed on the bacteria breaking down the pumpkins...after the dig we went over the bed with a warren hoe and then added around three hundred pounds of compost...turned that under...hit it with the hoe again and raked it into a semblance of even depth...a shade over an hour's worth of preparation work and we were ready to plant.

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