Monday, March 28, 2016

officially opened

as far as i am concerned it is anyway...i thought it might be high time to unmulch the garlic and asparagus and i was correct in this...i went out to the garden this morning ( parker! was wanting to help but we had what seemed a terminal schedule i went ahead and did it...parker! is an adjunct and as such is subject to the mercenary whims of the administration over her time...i have fewer constraints ) to peel back the fabric and see what was up..what was up was three beds is given over to it entirely ( first three photos ) is a half bed ( second set of three photos ) and one is a stand i planted and left unmulched ( seventh photo ) mostly because a) i was running out of room, and, b) i did not want to mulch over the green manures/cover crop in the bed...the mulched garlic is a bit sun starved...that will be taken care of now that it's can easily see the difference in chlorophyll content between what was mulched and what was not...they will all be looking robust soon enough...the third bed to unmulch ( last two photos ) was the asparagus bed...and, sure enough, we already have a spear up and running...hoping to see more soon...there will be more activity in the garden now that the beds are open...i will be checking in on it as a matter of routine until next november so there will definitely be more posts...there will certainly be an "official" planting day...and just as surely the decision as to when that might be hasn't been looked into yet..irregardless, the season has started...spring green manures next on my agenda...probably next weekend...more as it comes up.

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