Thursday, March 17, 2016

st. patrick's day green

the movement may be slow with yacon but there is movement none the less...the root crown i planted a couple of weeks ago has finally budged as you can see ( barely, it is small ) in the top photo...the second photo is of a plant grown from a rhizome i planted on christmas day ( i told you there were month season minimum ) is looking robust...the cutting in the third photo has lost the large leaves i left on ti but the center where the new growth emerges is green...i am hoping it roots well...the fourth photo is of another root crown i planted at the same time as the newly emerged one...the difference is this one had already started to green up when i planted it so it has=d a head start...the other cutting looks rather bad actually and i fear it has onto six yacon plants at the moment with some tuber pieces still in the vegetable crisper...hopefully a sign of an expanded plant population this season...and in honor of the day the last photo is of an elegant ollala potato plant under the lights in the basement...waiting for warmer weather ( there is a cool off forecast ) to make the move outside.

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