Friday, March 25, 2016

planting and a new soak

of the eleven teosinte seeds i soaked in hydrogen peroxide thirteen days ago, two have germinates...and they are ready to be moved into soil and light ( you can see the root on one had already burrowed into the paper towel...time to move )...two plants is only an 18% germination rate and two plants won't make a season ( for me anyway ) so i put another twenty seeds in to soak and will deliver them to a damp paper towel in the standard practice and we will see if this batch has a better germination rate or if this is as viable as this variety is new to me and so far it is nothing like northern tepehuan teosinte which germinated ma much higher percentage of seeds...hoping for better results...if not there will be more soaks than this one...i want more plants this season.

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