Tuesday, March 15, 2016

early spring

an unnaturally ( which may indeed be the "new" natural ) warm late winter continues with a temperature of seventy degrees ( fahrenheit ) at about four-thirty in the afternoon...the garlic that has defied the mulch is looking fine and ramps keep popping up in the beds...as a bonus i have seen the first earthworm of spring before sporing arrives...always a cheering sight i am glad to have them in the yard doing their part to loosen and aerate the soil as well as fertilize...the yacon and the spuds in the plant room are itching to get out into the real world...i an hoping it is not going to be a summer of drought they find there...that is for the future...at the moment things are promising on the one hand and disturbing on the other..much to think over as preperations for a new season continue...more as it comes up.

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