Tuesday, March 8, 2016

the new natural?

we set a record high temperature on the south end of the inland sea today which everyone should probably find frightening..but most probably won't...they'll just call it "an early spring" and celebrate the "end of winter"...no matter how warm or dry it gets...and it must be spring...trugreen has sent me a mailing asking me to let them eradicate all the "weeds' in my "early spring" yard as if i were a suburbanite...we have had a discussion about the misnomer"weed' applied to what most lawn loving yahoos call "unwanted" plants...but are they unwanted? what if they attract beneficial insects and pollinators...are those "unwanted"...not in my yard..and what about edible native plants like purselane or lambs quarters...are those "weeds"? or part of the environment? their "phd agronomists" should know better...although agronomy isn't much more than the disruption of the environment with a monoculture...and a lush, green, input driven lawn is nothing but a smothering monoculture...i can get a healthy lawn guarantee but can i get a healthy environment guarantee? what's the herbicide they spray? atarazine? glyphosate? what's it going to do to me? the pga can have them...i don't golf...i do some serious organic gardening...i don't care what forty-four of my "neighbors" do...i am not a joiner anyway...stay off my lawn with this stuff...i want some purselane in my salads...and what natives are up and running in my back yard micro-climate that trugreen hates? not many...the moss is greening up in the warmth...and the creeping charlie which i will battle all summer is already spreading...and i found a dandelion ou there too...lemon balm is sure to appear soon with poke weed and wild raspberries ( vicious thorns )...the new zealand white clover is beginning to pop up more along with the winter vetch...and the container based garlic is greening and growing...more when the garlic is unmulched.

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