Sunday, March 13, 2016

what's up II

i didn't include any photos of garlic in the first post because most of what i unmulched looked a bit scrawny and pale like the garlic in the first two'd be at least a bit discolored if you'd been under a pile of straw and compost all winter too...but when i went out again i found the plant in the third photo which has obviously disregarded my regard for its health and disrupted the mulch to emerge and both grow and fully deploy chlorophyll...i will admit to being a bit startled to have missed it...definitely time for a trip out to the community garden to see what's up out there...the issue is there is a possibility of snow in the forecast for next weekend ( not spring until next sunday )...there will be some waiting before unmulching i think...i have only unmulched part of the garlic bed..the rest i will be leaving covered..finally, is that little seedling in the last photo eastern gamagrass? i will admit that it has been so long since i germinated any that i cannot remember...i planted a gamgrass seed in that container last autumn ad let ti winter over outside like it is supposed to be done...but gamagrass is notoriously infertile...last time i got a 10% germination rate...this would be a shade over 16%...i have seed i stratified in the vegetable crisper to work with if this fails...but there are no guarantees with gammagrass.

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