Saturday, March 19, 2016

last day of winter

it has cooled a bit since last week but it is still a bit unseasonable for the last day of winter...the tulips ( second photo 0 in the back yard are beginning to emerge and more ramps are up ( third and fourth ) with the leaves beginning to extend out of the stems on some...waiting for more...soon hopefully...the garlic is looking robust even in the chill ( the night time temperatures have been below freezing ) and so will, again hopefully, thrive...the bed in the sixth photo may not look too promising at the moment bit with a little work, some compost, some jerusalem artichoke control, and a bit of patience it will be the same caliber wheat bed it was three years ago...i am determined to make some home made bread from scratch this year...and i mean from the beginning...there will be more on that project as the season goes on and we mover from the yard into the kitchen.

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