Sunday, April 21, 2013

impatience rewarded?

...perhaps because there is i mistaken or is that a shoot of zea diploperennis i see coming up form one of the seeds i planted a few weeks ago> i believe it is so chalk up a reward...the kansas wheat grass is booming along already and will soon be spreading out into the garden...i will need to bag the seedheads when the emerge to deter the starlings and allow a reasonable assessment of yield for lee de haan at the land institute...i found anither rouge jerusalem artichoke and will be removing it to the safety of my backyard this coming week...the pgp is greening up and i am geeked at the thought of teosinte growing with maize again this year...a quick trip to the community garden shows me that it is still early potatoes up yet, but that will change soon...need to get out there with some tools to do some clearing in the beds soon...the asparagus is a total failure...not to worry...we will be growing more maize there this season than i had originally planned and i will "naturalize" some asparagus berries form the hawthorn garden in the autumn...perennials are on their way to the community.

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