Tuesday, April 30, 2013

campus 4-30-2013

stopped off at campus after work to do some watering and see what was up...my only perennial teosinte so far this season is doing okay...i am hoping for more is some of the other spots i have it planted in bit it is fickle stuff...the eastern gamagrass is greening up in earnest now and will be dominating the east end of the garden again this season while the wheat grass form kansas is just booming along...there are more rouge jerusalem artichokes to cull when i have a bit more time and a trowel..since there are now sixteen up and running in the bed at my house i don't think there will be more transplanting...anyone interested in one or two of the vicious beasts? the pgp is coming alive and soon the hopi blue will be going in to add some height to the garden as well as an annual...over at the iu northwest community garden the cherry tree is in full blossom and is doing well given its travails last season...the neighbors came out while i was watering over there and we had a chat about what was up...the community part of the community garden.

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