Saturday, April 20, 2013


there has been quite a bit of rain in the area over the past few days ( clear today though ) and a lot of flooding as was a rather large system that spread across a number of states causing problems everywhere it went...i got an email yesterday from dr. tim crews an ecologist at the land institute asking me 9 and, i'm sure any number of others ) to send along any photos of soil erosion in farm fields around the i took my camera and went out exploring the suburban/rural nexus i live in yesterday evening and again this after noon...i found erosion...but i have been finding it for years...which is worrisome if you stop to think about it because farmland isn't just being lost to the expansion of the doomed suburbs ( read upon the "urban revolution"...brugman is a place to start even if i don't agree with everything jeb says...and wendell berry would disapprove...perhaps heatedly )it's washing away every time there's enough rain to overcome the berm of a field ( and there is a lot of that out there today ) if the climate is going to produce more intense "weather events" like this slow-moving system that dumped months of rainfall in a couple of days on fields across the midwest how well prepared are the erosion defenses?

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