Monday, April 29, 2013

wheat, wheatgrass, and jerusalem artichokes

the snow is gone from the industrial field by the least until next winter...and the winter wheat is booming along just fine...waiting to be turned under ( although wheat prices last season saw me fooled as some local farmers let the wheat grow to maturity, harvested it, and put in a late planting of alfalfa ) to make way for corn or beans ( it was a bean field last season with volunteer corn...inverse this year? ) bears a strong family resemblance tot he intermediate wheat grass in the pgp and i am curious to see the seed heads on the grasses from kansas and whether they resemble wheat grass seed heads or wheat ( ) i am curious about yields as well...meanwhile in the back yard, the aggressive, invasive, and pretty much all consuming jerusalem artichokes that i was so concerned about have begun to crop up in disturbing numbers in the bed i planted last autumn...difficult to control and disdainful of much of anything in the way of predators or competitors ( you can probably see some sort of competing plants coming up [as well as a failed seed] if you magnify the images...i'd weed them out but the sunchokes will cast so much shade soon enough that they don't stand a chance...there is some of the equally invasive lemon balm making an incursion on the west end of the bed and it will be instructive to see if two powerhouse species can coexist ) my concern was if only the potatoes would rebecca said at the community garden saturday, "you'll grow in my pantry, why not when i plant you?"...these too shall sprout...the sooner the better for me.

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