Monday, April 1, 2013

new month=new growth

drove over to campus after work today to check up on things and put some water on the teosinte seeds i'm trying to germinate at both the pgp and at the community garden ( yeah, i know it's not a food crop but Beadle says the Mesoamericans popped it like popcorn and it is an ancestor of the maize i will be growing in the same bed )...there's movement out there...the teosinte seedling under the wheat grass die back is still going well...the forage variety wheat grass is greening up as is the gamagrass and the top two photos are of the same intermediate wheat grass plant i got form the land institute taken friday and;s greener and it is spreading rhyzomatically...which is good as far as the plant's survival is concerned but seems to indicate a colonization may be beginning that will change the complexion of the garden for good...i'm interested in permaculture and this may be a step in that direction...i have asparagus to plant in the community garden this month and maize in may...i could be pushing the season a bit in anticipation of results but winter is ending and it's time to root around in the soil.

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