Sunday, April 14, 2013

potato patch 2013

we had to remove some trees in out yard because of the house fire last autumn...they were interfering with access to the my yard will have more direct sun in places than last season...last month i went over there and cleared some ferral rose bushes and some even nastier wild raspberries out of a plot that has become the home for some potatoes and beets i planted this morning...i turned compost into the rows and worked it with the warren hoe and dug some shallow trenches...i took the potatoes i cur friday and placed them along the trenches about ten inches apart...back-filled the trenches, marked them off with string ( which will come out when the plant shave developed some and the rows become self-evident ) and watered them well with the garden hose...i had planted seven cut tubers that were the overflow form the i u northwest community garden potato bed last week so there are potentially thirty plants in this bed besides the beets ( i cannot recall a cut potato failing to emerge once to set tubers, yes, but not fail to germinate )...a good start...these are all red nordlands, the yukon golds will find a home when things warm up a bit.


  1. good to have a bit more sunshine in your will have plenty of 'taters!!