Saturday, April 27, 2013

planting at the community garden

it was a community outreach day at the iu northwest community garden and ellen szarleta kindly invited me out to a result i got to spend a few pleasant hours in the garden working with some high school students as they planted strawberries, turnips, jalepeno peppers, green peppers, and cucumbers out behind lindenwood hall...they did a great job of cleaning up the beds and preparing them for planting while i was pretty much relegated to the role of an interested to catch up a bit with some folks i hadn't seen in a while ( too long actually ) and see more progress on the season...i believe i liked it much more than being out there alone...certainly things got done much more quickly...there is, i believe, a evening soiree on the tenth of next month when we will be planting maize ( jackpot hybrid and hopi blue ) and enjoying the will be the place to be that friday.

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