Friday, April 19, 2013


out and about doing all sorts of errands i stopped by county line greenhouse on county line road and picked up a flat of "ozark bueaty" ever-bearing strawberries for the community garden...the fit in with the overall philosophy here in large part because they are fruit producing perennial plants...ever-bearing strawberries produce two crops of berries a season and so spend more energy producing fruit than expanding their territory with daughter plants...that focus on berries will fit well in the limited bed space in the garden...all perennials tend to be invasive (jerusalem artichokes for instance )but these plants should prove to be less so and more readily controlled...the down side is that productivity in perennials tends to trail off after a few years ( hence the invasive business ) so with fewer daughter plants in may be necessary to change out plants after a number of seasons.


  1. bet neighborhood folks (and little critters) will be very happy to see these!!

    1. i have a lot of bird netting and rodent repellent...i will battle the critters...the neighborhood is the point of the garden i'm thinking so they are welcome...and since your office is a stones' throw away...