Monday, April 22, 2013

earth day...still impatient

the zea diploperennis beds that pulled through the winter of 2011-2012 to have a second season in the garden appear to be inert...i haven't given up on them yet but i am concerned about them ( and my asparagus...where is it? should be up by now and isn't...getting a bit edgy there )...but that is definitely zea diplopersnnis up form seedling is clearly identifiable and there is a second on the way...the "wild an weedy ancestor" of maize is up and running and i am always geeked by that...meanwhile in my back yard several dozen turnip plants have cropped up and so there will be root crops this spring...the yema de huevos government potatoes got a bit blackened by the frost of the past weekend but they are resilient and are already showing new green growth beneath the frostbitten worries there...still no potatoes up anywhere..or beets...and the only jerusalem artichokes are rouges in the pgp and the one i transplanted home...i am grinding my teeth and wandering in circles waiting for movement on a garden-wide scale in at least three places and the mixed bag of results so far has me somewhat disquieted...a couple of spuds and a spear of asparagus would do me good.

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