Sunday, April 7, 2013


it may be a bit early and frankly most of what i have read suggests that growing asparagus from seed isn't the way for gardeners to go ( rather you should buy year old crowns from " a reputable dealer" ) but failure is a risk you run in learning so i am trying despite the conventional wisdom...the plants in the flats were becoming increasingly can see by the photo of the one in my hand that they were pot i went out to the iuncg to do some planting...i weeded the bed, turned in 120 pounds of composted cow manure, worked it with the warren hoe, and planted sixteen plants in the bed...all that's left to do is check on them often ( no worries there i will be on campus with the pgp all season anyway...the community garden is about a five minute stroll away ) and do in any competing weeds...the soil in that bed isn't quite a s sandy as the soil under the pgp so i am a bit concerned about drainage ( asparagus hates wet feet...the roots rot readily in too much moisture ) if we fail we will learn...if we succeed we will learn...either way.

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