Wednesday, April 3, 2013

potato colleague...

...well that's what the folks at the potato introduction station in sturgeon's bay wisconsin call me when they send out an email and today the package popped up on my international band of tubers for sure and the will be going into the garden to bottom they are huaca cornarino from bolivia. early blue from the united states, olalla from spain, yema de huevo and roja narino from columbia...they are not a food crop however..."these tubers were produced on plants in an insect controlled greenhouse on benches, in sterilized clay pots containing commercial soiless mix, and originating form in vitro material which tested free of viruses. however they are not guaranteed disease free...the greenhouse spray program was not done with a food crop in mind so these tubers are not for human consumption."...well...i wasn't going to eat them...i'm going to use them for a potato storage experiment ( round 2...round 1 was vacated by the house fire ) to see if ican coax a second generation out of them...those may be edible...more as i cut callous and plant.

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