Friday, April 12, 2013

...but some results are already in.

and they are a mixed bag at would appear that the asparagus bed in the community garden is an utter plant of sixteen still standing...well...i was warned about the dangers of transplanting these but i was stubborn...the test bed i planted in my back yard isn't faring much has a smaller population and there are several that seem to be holding their own...the good news is this is a learning experience and there is a plan b...this bed of nicely enriched and wormy soil will become the home of some maize come the warmer weather next month...there will be hopi blue and your standard sweet corn...the squirrels will be well fed i am sure ( if last season's eggplants are anything to go by ) but the eight foot tall corn plants will look cool...then we will put asparagus seed directly into the bed next autumn and see if we can "naturalize" a bed of them...the corn curator at the usda, mark millard, gave me some invaluable advice about growing from seed that i disregarded in an effort to give the plants a bit of a head start...not next season...if we fail again i can always plant the relentless jerusalem artichokes...more as it comes up.

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