Sunday, April 7, 2013


i meant it when i said it was a busy morning on campus...after i finished the asparagus bed i turned eighty pounds of compost into the bed next to it and prepared it for the potatoes...i dug two trenches about three inches deep and placed sixteen of the cut and callused potatoes in them about ten inches apart...i backfilled the trenches with about two inches of soil and marked the locations with plant labels ( the rest pf the soil [ and a bit more compost] will come into play as we "hill" the potatoes later in the season )...i have always planted early potatoes to allow for a second crop of something in the same bed...these will be done by july and i may put in some brussels sprouts for an autumn crop...or perhaps some late turnips...anything that will mature in the two beds are planted at the iuncg...this one will have hopi blue maize and sweet corn going in next month after the weather warms...inter-cropping for a resilient bed.

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