Saturday, March 5, 2016

seasonal nexus-yacon

the top four photos are of a week's growth from two of the yacon rhizomes i planted on christmas day...yacon is a slow growing plant with a seven month ( minimum...the ones i finished in the basement went considerably longer ) season so this much growth isn't too shabby...the root crown i planted a week ago ( fifth photo ) had a rhizome that was already greening up and looking to can see in the sixth photo it hasn't stopped working so it should do just fine...the other one ( seventh photo ) hasn't budged yet...we will be patient...the leaves i left on the yacon cuttings i took are dying back...nothing unusual about that...however the new growth in the center is still a bright green and that leaves me hopeful that the stem is rooting and there will be two more plants from cuttings..all of these plants will be finding their way outside to have a season that should last at least until septemeber, if not longer...they may in fact find their way back down into the basement where they started to finish up under the same lights...more as these come along...more when the moves to the outdoors begin.

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