Saturday, April 22, 2017


one of the hazards of making only weekly trips out to the garden during the spring is the possibility of seriously underestimating the ability of asparagus to grow like a weed ( first and second photos )...since my last trip out spears that were only a few inches tall have grown and are in the process of "ferning" to feed the root...impossible to eat since the stems have become woody the only thing to do is let them continue in their natural cycle and make more frequent trips to harvest the newer spears ( third )...the good news is that the plants continue to produce new spears ( fourth ) and the season will still go on...further down the row the jerusalem artichokes have emerged in their multitudes ( fifth ), daring anything to try and establish itself in their turf...the garlic beds are robust and about halfway to finished ( six and seventh )...and the first spuds have appeared in my bed to challenge the jerusalem artichokes ( last )...that red pontiac will need some assistance as the season progresses...there will be human intervention in the lives of's what gardens are about.

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