Sunday, April 9, 2017

spuds 2017 II

the spuds i cut yesterday morning had calloused over in the ensuing twenty-four hours well enough to plant...i took the all blues that had chitted and put them in peat pots on the deck with the others ensuring the mobility i may need to protect them from a hard frost...the pieces of tuber that had not sprouted went out in the back yard with me where i turned some compost into the failed winter wheat bed ( snow drought = no insulation = cold killed the wheat...we are part of the ecosystem, we do not control it )...dug a couple of trenches and planted four yukon golds, four red, and one all blue...they will take a few weeks to emerge and should be able to fend for themselves by then and, if necessary, it is a small enough area to cover with frost cloth...potatoes on deck and in the garden next.

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