Saturday, April 8, 2017

spuds 2017

after i got back from the community garden i went out to a local farm market and bought eight pounds ( approximately ) of seed potatoes..half each of red pontiac and yukon gold...i cut enough to make seventeen plants and will be putting them in at the community garden and in my back yard tomorrow after they have calloused...add in eleven tubers that were chitting away merrily and we are up to twenty eight plants that will need homes...i put the chitted ones in peat pots to let them develop until after the danger of frost has passed...the smaller ones i left downstairs under the lights with the yema de huevos to get a bit bigger and the ones that were further along went out into the real world on the deck where they can be covered or brought in depending on the frost forecast...there was potting today...tomorrow will being real planting outdoors and in the soil...stay tuned..

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