Sunday, April 23, 2017

++ ungood

well it's not all ungood...the yema de huevo on the right in the top photo has turned into the plant in the second in a matter of a few weeks...which is a good thing near as i can tell...the next three photos are definitely not good...while i was doing a routine check of the seed potatoes i found that one of the red pontiacs i got locally had gone was soft and slimy to he touch and when i cut i open the stench was unpleasant and the flesh of the spud had begun to liquefy...a virus? i don't know for certain yet 9 more research ) but i do know that this one went into the garbage, not the compost, and the rest of those seed pottaoes will be watched closely...i have a few of these in a couple of beds...they looked fine when i cut and calloused them but that may not tell the story..if the remaining three in the basement don't go bad between now and the time i am ready to plant them ( or they tell me to do so ) they will be going into containers, not a bed...they will be isolated just in case....further research says it may be blackleg rot caused by the bacteria Dickeya dianthicola...the list of symptoms are very similar...i treated the shelf where the potato was with hydrogen peroxide per usda recommendations

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