Monday, April 17, 2017

established erosion

my rain gauges have measured ( depending on microclimate location ) between 3.4 and almost 4.3 inches of rain in the past i wanted to drive out and look at cornfield berms and when the time presented itself this afternoon i did just that...beyond the well established and growing gap that i have been photographing for some time ( third photo ) i found seven instances of noticeable erosion in two fields...some just beginning...some well enough established to begin floating detritus from the last harvest out of the field ( corn cob in the fifth photo )...on the east side of the field the berm becomes much steeper( ninth photo ) and you can see the beginnings of cuts runoff has made in the soil...a little further down the berm water has begun to undercut it ( tenth photo ) and may lead to further collapse...according to usda figures the u.s. loses 12,000 pounds of topsoil per industrially farmed acere per year...about six pounds of soil for every pound of food's a small corner of that total.

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