Friday, April 14, 2017

warm allium

the averages high temperature for april fourteenth in these parts is sixty-one degrees...we are a bit above that...and though averages lie i think you could still call it "unseasonably warm'..if not a harbinger of much worse climatological news...either way it is warm and there is a lot going on among the allium family members out back...there are now sixty-five ramps up and running ( including transplants...third through fifth photo ) so we may be approaching the final number...there are garlic plants up all over the back yard and the egyptian walking onions are booming along ( sixth photo )...the emmer wheat is beginning to tiller (seventh ) and the rhubarb that overwintered is looking very robust and has a lot of new growth going on ( it is also not my idea to grow it...just clarifying here...not a fan...ever )..there are a lot of processes going on back there...the last photo is of some nurse logs that came from a wild cherry tree that died back there perhaps a decade ago...slowly decomposing, the logs are feeding new growth...last season there were plants growing directly out of the logs...we wil see what happens as the season comes along this year.

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