Saturday, April 15, 2017

asparagus, jerusalem artichokes, and garlic

had a look at the comunity garden this morning...the asparagus is in harvestable condition in fact the one in the third photo is past its prime so i will be letting it "fern" to feed the roots...i did take five spears that were on the verge of being a bit too large...we will see if they are woody when i steam them...after i harvested the spears i put a cage around the plants that are too young to harvest yet and i will be making a sign to denote that to hang on it...i also dressed the bed with compost since the plants have broken the surface..they are heavy feeders and will need all the support i can give them...i went ahead and dressed the garlic with compost as well...both to fed them and to damp down the competitive "weeds" that would diminish the garlic's yield...thirty-two jerusalem artichokes up in my sign of spuds yet...that won't happen for another week or two...the season is moving along..more as ir comes up.

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