Saturday, April 8, 2017

visualizing relentless

i took a trip out to he garden this morning to check on things and do a little work on my bed...there are eighteen asparagus spears up and running...none of them of harvestable size just yet..there actuall a number of plants that aren't ready to be harvested this year so i will be making some provision for letting people know what is and is not ready....i dug my bed again in preparation for planting some spuds ( i am going in search of local seed potatoes in a few minutes ) and as i was going over it with a warren hoe i found an earthworm...always a happy i moved him along to an already worked area so as not to chop him up...while i was puttering around the bed i made a second discovery...there are jerusalem artichokes up and running...two so far..there will be more..the relentlessness begins.

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