Sunday, April 16, 2017

out back

the first jerusalem artichoke of the season has popped up in my back yard ( top ) has another ramp into the old ramp bed ( second ) so i dug it up and transplanted it to an empty spot in the new ramp bed...seventy-five up and running now...some of the dozen spuds in peat pots on the deck have begun to leaf out...and all blue ( sixth ) and a german butterball ( seventh ) have begun the season...finally my asparagus plant has grown to over a foot tall and is beginning to "fern"...expect more spears as the original begins to feed the roots...
a quick adendum to say that while most of the emmer wheat has produced two leaves, the plant in the second photo appears to be tillering from the base...two ears of wheat from one root system...i will take all i can get.

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