Saturday, April 1, 2017

ramps, wheat, and asparagus

april has arrived out back as well as in the community garden and there is the same sort of slow movement going on...there is garlic ( ass well as onions ) out there that are looking robust..and while we are looking around the allium family there are now ten ramps up ( first five photos ) all happily believing they are somewhere in the woods...the gardener will be much happier when a few more ( say forty ) begin to pop up..there is asparagus outside the community garden and the legacy from the perennial garden project is coming along...every bit as slowly as the communities...i am good with that...finally the emmer wheat continues to germinate ( seventh ) and, next tot he leaf in the last photo, there is actually a shoot up and running in one of the containers...another of uncounted generations on the move...there is snow in the forecast for later next week ( next friday morning...less than an won't last ) ma be a moment before things start to really get going in either garden.

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