Tuesday, April 4, 2017

government spuds

mu government spuds from the usda potato introduction station in sturgeon's bay wisconsin arrived today...five varieties...two unnamed accessions from canada ( top two photos ) which come with intellectual property rights attached that basically say i cannot "commercialized" without written consent from "canada"...i will not be selling spuds...our neighbors to the north can breathe easier...the third photo is of two blue shetlands and the fourth is of more early blues...those have produced an abundance of fruits in the past and i am hoping for more...the fifth photo is of the two yema de huevos they sent...they are"unimproved" primitive cultivars and, as i suspected from past experience, the arrived chitting away...so i prepared a couple of peat pots and planted them under the lights straight away...i am uncertain of how viable the small one is ( the fifth photo is of them in my left hand to give some sense of scale )...however it has sprouted and so i put it in in hopes of a plant...these will be going to the community garden at iu northwest sometime next month...there will be more on these as things develop.

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