Friday, April 7, 2017

oh, there's been rain... much in fact that the rain gauge under the canopy by the thermometer received 2.3" overt he last three days...the east end and middle section gauges cam in both at near 3.5"..however, once again, the gauge on the west end of the yard by the ramp bed is showing more, coming in at 4.1"...the variation in the space of a back yard continues to intrigue me...there are more than one hundred emmer wheat plants up in two containers ( fifth and sixth photos ) which is good news...still no sign of any syrian dwarf wheat though and time may be running out...we'll's ramp news is that twenty-two have ( finally! ) emerged...much later than last year when they began to emerge on the twentieth of february...perhaps the move tot he north side of the house is part of the delay...they were in a much sunnier spot last season and suffered for it...some are deploying leaves and i am still waiting on another thirty or so plants...we'll see about that as wellit's the weekend so stay tuned for news from the community garden...more as it comes up.

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